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            From the Office Desk … ASR’s new independence.

            2017-09-13 by ASR Master

            Dear ASR members and Go lovers,

            Summer has made us Go players sweat with many events all around the globe while the ASR Team has been busy working steadily on ASR’s future.

            Since the last “From the Office Desk” message some months ago and since goKGS (Go Server) was sold in April 2017 – as we have reported – different and very relevant “jobs” were done for the global ASR community which counts now >540 registered members. Here a short overview:

            1. One of the ASR team members, JayR (aka LinuxGooo), visited end of July the 61st European GO Congress (EGC) and stayed in Oberhof (Germany) for 4 days to hold important meetings to start new partnerships, e.g. with publishers to replace Go Game Guru which has unfortunately closed in 12/2016. Hopefully some exclusive books will be available for you soon on ASR’s website as we would like to give monthly prizes again !
              tournament hall in Oberhof ...EGC 2017 weekend tournament in Oberhof with more than 600 participants …
            2. JayR also attended in July the Go teacher workshop organized by the EGoTa (European Go Teacher Association) and came back with ASR’s first official EGoTA teacher certification, after he had done some ‘home works’.Certificate EGoTA Teacher Workshop-06082017-all-grey-with-watermarkThe EGoTa was founded in 2013 on the initiative of In-seong Hwang (8d) who lives in Grenoble (France) and who was one of ASR’s Go teachers. JayR knows him personally, having met him during KidoCup in 2014 first time. (Rec.: Its Europe’s biggest open tournament annually on Pentecost).
            3. In the ASR resort “Go education” we have worked on a bigger research about existing and new Go teaching concepts during the last 1.5 decades (2001-2016) in order t0 realize ASR’s first and new GO curriculum (for beginners and advanced students) as we have pre-announced it in 2016.
              2. + 3. are the first steps into forming the ASR Team and teachers to Go pedagogy, delivering you the best online learning experience possible. For example courses taking brain researches into account for you to memorize new knowledge easier, longer and better along with methods to empower self motivation !
            4. Both IM Chat + PM system are now fully operational we boosted as Level A of the ASR GAME Planner beginning of September … all simply browser based !
              During August was setup a complete new Chat server (as stand-alone solution), with three private channels (, ) protected by “key id” and one public chat room where everyone can join without login: the ASR GO Cafe () !watch-yt-videos-inside-the-asrleague-chatSame as you know from KGS chatting, in all ASR chat rooms you can talk globally and/or start private conversations, combined with the new “Private Message” system (with email notifications) you will be able to communicate more easily.
              ASR members can now use both tools to plan their games independently from the KGS Go server. – It will greatly reduce the (too) long waiting time!
              (Rec.: Level B (launching the Game Calendars) will be boosted as soon as possible to complete the ASR Game planner.)
            5.  Since July we are testing internally a browser based “teaching room” for game reviews (outside of KGS GO Server) with audio and/or webcam among other features such as screen sharing (desktop or application window) and live chat (via video player)screenshot-ASR-teaching-room-092017-1
            6. On this basis we can start to plan the content for the video conference with all members. It will be up to you then to give feedback to the ASR team about your wishes, expectations and needs … to make your “wildest GO dreams” come true !
            To summarize 1.-6.: Following ASR’s vision & mission, the ASR project is coming closer to stand on its own feet by being independent from place and time. Soon it will be possible to hold lectures and reviews directly from the website.

            Isn’t it  good news for the ASR members who are able now to organize their games with the new ASR tools ! – Test it and feel free to give feedback ! – We wish you all a happy gaming !

            Warm greetings from Hangzhou/China
            Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)
            – The ASR Team –
            / ASR – Advanced Study Room /

            Updated: 16 Sep 2017 07:24 AM
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