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            Submit new ticket (within ASR's multichannel ticket system)

            Beside the Live Chat support (based on good old Instant messaging technology) ASR's Information & Support Center offers its visitors & members an easy way to open a "new ticket" by using a simple web form. Privacy is guaranteed by encryption using SSL Certificate.

            The non public request can be classified (either as question, problem, feature or others) and releate directly to one of 10 sub categories in the "knowledge base". - The visitor defines the ticket's priority (high, medium and low). - After authentication (word verification) and clicking the submit button the ticket message lands on the screen of the ASR support team within ASR's multi channel ticket system.

            Currently there are more than 105 articles available in the KB (knowlede base) to answer many of user's interests, related to ASR - Advanced Study Room, its (monthly) ASR league, system, targets, rules & principles:
            • Support & Help Center (13)
              - Mail server architecture - Whitelist & Bookmark emails (6)
              - Information & Support Center (6)
              - Sitemap (1)
            • FAQs (23)
            • Policies (5)
            • News Archive (23)
            • Study Room (11)
              - About (6)
              - Go Studies(5)
            • ASR League (24)
              - League - Contests - Tournaments (10)
              - Rookie Challenge - a one-division contest (4)
              Tools (5)
              - Guidelines (5)
            • ASR on the Web (7)
            Use ASR's Knowledge Base articles to answer quickly most of frequently asked questions ... and save your precious time.

            ASR's Knowledge Base is fully searchable. The self learning system behind (by using AI  - Artificial Intelligence) suggests links to articles when a visitors fills in the subject line, see following screenshot.

            Bookmark following link to open easily a new ticket:

            Updated: 12 Jun 2017 05:54 AM
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